The Printery  started as an idea to change the world. That is still the idea! Located in beautiful Cape Town, we believe in the power of individual people to make a difference.

In 2009 the non-profit organisation Hope Africa Collective was founded, aiming to bring sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in the townships of Cape Town. Through focusing on equipping individual people to be catalysts of change in their communities, we are step by step changing families, changing communities - yes, changing the world. The Printery is part of this family.

People are multi-faceted. Complex. Sometimes even difficult. So to help people out of poverty our strategies need to be likewise.

Our 4 impact areas reflect this holistic approach: Life development, spiritual formation, economic development and education. Through different courses, projects, small business development, mentoring and tuition, Hope Africa Collective is facing extreme poverty head on. It's working!

The Printery supports these endeavours by donating 100% of our profits to Hope Africa Collective. This is how we (and you) change the world. Through products with purpose.


(Read more about HAC by pressing the link below.)