The Printery is taking the risk and hassle away from raising funds and awareness for your cause!

Selling products (t-shirts, etc) is a great way for non-profit organisations and charities to raise funds and awareness for their cause. However, the financial risk is often times too great. What sizes should you order? How many? 
The result is that the potential profit from the sale of the products will likely be wiped out by the leftover stock you're left with..

We have been there. Many times. 
But we think we have come up with a solution!

Engage your community with custom t-shirts and more

Our fundraising platform removes all the upfront risk for you as a charity. Now you can sell custom t-shirts and take donations with no inventory, hassles or risk. Just design your shirt (or ask us to help you), share why you are raising funds and then share your campaign on our site. We fill the orders and send along the funds you raise! The Printery Fundraising is a great tool for any group, cause or community!

No more pre-ordering, or scratching your head wondering about how much you think you will sell. Simply decide on a duration of your campaign (normally 2 weeks), share your campaign widely with your network of donors and potential supporters, and let the purchases trickle in. You'll be able to follow along with the sales to see if you meet your goal (either financial goal or number of products sold). At the end of the campaign we'll simply transfer the raised amount to your account. No risk. No hassle. Only profits raised.

Have a look at the other fundraising campaigns to get inspired!

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