Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on a range of different variables that need to be determined first:
– What type of shirt? (We have suppliers in most price and quality ranges)
– How many shirts do you need printed?
– What is the size of the print?
– How many colors are in the design? (Screen printing requires a separate screen prepared for each color)

Please get in touch and we can discuss the different options available for your particular print needs!

Category: Custom Printing

MOQ depends on the type of custom print you need. Generally speaking we don’t have a minimum order quantity. However, for screen printing of shirts it makes little sense to do orders smaller than 10 units. If you have any questions or want to run your idea by us, please do so by contacting us on We would be happy to consider your order.

Category: Custom Printing

We cannot be held responsible if the couriers attempt to make contact and no one responds or if no one is at the delivery address to accept the parcel and the parcel is returned or is not delivered in time.

If after the couriers make a few attempts to deliver and no one receives the order, the parcel will be returned to us, and we will require re-payment of the shipping amount to re-send your parcel.

If you would then require a refund and cancel your order, refunds of 50% of the cost of products in your order (-shipping) can be done.

If you placed two consecutive orders and both orders have the same shipping details, we will ship both orders in one shipment to the same address should both orders be ready together. If you require two separate shipments, please let us know.

After handing a parcel over to the courier, we have no control over their delivery times, schedules or any delays caused on their side. The best way to get the current location is to use your tracking number on their website or contacting them directly. Is you are still not winning, please contact us on and we’ll try to help.

Yes we do. At this stage we only offer postage via South African Post Office (SAPO) as international parcels are very expensive. If you as international client don’t want the wait or risk via post office delivery and prefer an express courier, please email us before ordering on so we can make the necessary arrangements.

International Postage is R150 may take anything from 3 weeks to 8 weeks and we can not take responsibility for any delays via this method so please use at own risk and if you do not mind the wait. Some are quick, some take very long. It’s a gamble…

This will have to be collected from your nearest post office.

We know it is important for you to receive your purchase asap! (Nobody likes to wait)
That’s why we use The Courier Guy on all domestic orders. Straight to your door, no hassle.

You can choose form the full RGB colour palette.

Category: Custom Printing

Go to the Fundraising page, and click Start a Fundraising Campaign, it will take you to a form where your name , email and a short description of your campaign can be submitted to our campaign manager. The campaign manager will email you all the details and give you a follow-up phone call.

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