2022 Fundraiser for Ubuntu Football

Ubuntu Footall logoThe #Ubuntu2022 merch sale is here!

Ubuntu Football is returning to its roots for this year’s merch campaign! After celebrating our 10th anniversary last year, we want to go back to the word that helped inspire this journey: ubuntu. This Southern African philosophy best translates to “I am because we are.” It’s the idea that everyone is connected, and our value in this world is intrinsically tied up in the value of others. Living that philosophy out means taking care of and empowering everyone we meet, leaving the people around us better than we found them.

Across the globe, the Ubuntu Football family (players, supporters, families, volunteers, and staff) are all interconnected in this way, and we are brought together by the drive to make the world a better place for everybody. With this togetherness theme in mind, 2022’s merch features the iconic Ubuntu Football hands on the front, which has been a part of every version of our logo since day one, and the definition of ubuntu on the back.

We hope this new gear inspires you to keep living out ubuntu in your own life and helps you spread the word about the Ubuntu Football players and graduates living it out in the families, communities, and society of South Africa!

Don’t forget, you can also place a donation along with your order to support the Ubuntu Football players even further!

Want to learn more about Ubuntu Football? Watch our video below:

Now, let’s have a look at the awesome products you can purchase:

Unfortunately the campaign has closed.

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Products included in the campaign

  • Ubuntu hoodie

    • 240gsm CVC 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
    • Brushed Fleece
    • Unisex
    • Ribbed Waist & Cuffs
    • Kangaroo Pocket
    • Shoelace Drawstring
    • Buttonhole Eyelets

  • Ubuntu t-shirt

  • Super comfy shirt! Why? Here are some of the reasons: 165gms Combed Cotton (100%) Unisex fit Taped Shoulders & Neckline Double Stitched Hem On Waistline & Sleeves Side Seams

  • Ubuntu Donation

  • Thank you for your support as we raise up the next generation of South African leaders!