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This fundraiser campaign serves two purposes:

  1. Gives people the opportunity to support The Printery by purchasing our awesome shop shirts!
  2. Functions as a demonstration campaign for anyone interested in this fundraising concept.
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Products included in the campaign

Printery Shop Shirt
  • Printery Shop Shirt

  • Summer is almost here! Make sure you get one of these exclusive Printery shop shirts to rock the season in style! As always, 100% of the profits from everything The Printery does goes to support the fight against extreme poverty. Yay! What a great way to make a difference!

Printery Hood
  • Printery Shop Hoodie

  • Not all hoodies are created equal. Nothing beats putting on a soft and warm hoodie of good quality. Even better if it also represents a cause or message you support. Why not join The Printery team by wearing this super awesome hoodie? For sizing and specs, click here!

  • HAC donation

  • 100% of the profits from this Printery fundraiser go to support the important work of Hope Africa Collective. You can read more about this awesome ministry here: Thank you for your generous support!